BAI Barcode Labels

Barcode Automation, inc. offers vehicle Barcode Decals in 42 different color combinations, great for color-coding parking areas or classifying vehicles. For an unobtrusive (almost invisible on tinted windows) Decal, our popular Black-on-Black Decal is the answer. It hides from human eyes but not from a BAi Barcode Reader. When properly applied, BAi Barcode Decals cannot be lost or shared. BAi Readers will not read photographs, photocopies or digital images of the Decal. The Decals use a waterproof adhesive that lasts up to 5 years, with a 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty. After the decal is applied, it is difficult to remove intact and usually must be scraped off in pieces. Other types include Custom, Temporary, Magnetic and Large for Commercial Vehicles

BAI Barcode Scanner

Price includes: BA-440 reader, BA-MP mounting post, BA-440-EXT-24 power supply & BA-440-Output Module How BAi Barcode Systems work: Barcode Reader is positioned the recommended 25ft before the gate. Barcode Decal is applied to each authorized vehicle on the rear side window facing the Reader. Barcode Reader processes the Barcode Decal as the vehicle passes—instantly and automatically! Decrease traffic congestion by reducing entry times. Reads decals on vehicles traveling up to 25 mph. Guaranteed read range of 6 ft out from the reader. Works on all vehicles from luxury sedans to golf carts, regardless of window treatment. Reader disregards all fake decals. Photocopies, color replicas, and digital images will not work. Easily integrates with all gate manufacturers, access control panels, and visitor management systems. Reduce the workload of gatekeepers and security personnel.