Keypads and Access Controls

Maintained Keyswitch

COMPX-FORT SW2-3118AD KA 2 SW2-3118AD KA 200

Momentary Keyswitch

COMPX-FORT SW20-3118MC KA SW20-3118MC KA 217

One Button Push Button Station – Indoor

1 Button Indoor Control Station

Ramset Keypad

Ramset Keypad w/ 1000 codes and 7 day timer

Ritron Access Control

Put an end to uninvited visitors, vandals, and other potential security risks. Add the security, convenience, and productivity benefits of a Ritron GateGuard system to your facility today! The GateGuard system provides long range, (measured in miles not feet), 2-way voice communication and remote gate control from a Ritron 2-way radio to any number of Ritron Callboxes located at your facility. Keep gated areas SECURE! Communicate with visitors from anywhere on the premises before opening the gate remotely with a Ritron portable radio or desktop base station. The Ritron GateGuard system consists of a rugged, wireless intercom/callbox with customized features that work with any combination of Ritron portable radios and/or desktop base stations.

Seco-larm Keypad

Seco-larm Enforcer weather resistant keypad. Code between 4 and 8 digits long. Suitable for solar applications. 110 codes *

Seco-larm Universal Electric Strike

Field-programmable in just seconds for fail-secure or fail-safe applications. Can be used on virtually any cylindrical door locking system. Use of an optional digital keypad with the unit assures high security without the need for a key. Suitable for office-type applications. ANSI-sized faceplates - 4-7/8"x1-1/4"x1-1/4" (124x32x32 mm) and 7-15/16"x1-7/16" (202mmx37mm). Symmetrical-sized. Reversible for right-hand or left-hand doors. Low profile: strike is only 1-1/4" deep for use with hollow aluminum frames. Powered by a solenoid, not a buzzer coil. Stainless steel lip (keeper) for strength and long life. Non-polarized connection. Wires can be reversed. Current draw 280mA@12VDC, 140mA@24VDC. Tested to 1 million cycles. Power connector for easier installation. CE approved and UL listed.

Security Brands XL660 Keypad

XL 660 Keypad - 660 Codes 12 to 24 VAC and VDC Latch code, sleep code, event input, 2 relays