Telephone Entry

Aiphone Intercom Inside Station

With a range of over 1500 feet and the ability to wire up to twenty interior stations to one system, the AAS Intercom is the perfect solution for almost any intercom need. Distance Specifications From LEM-1DL to any exterior AAS station Distance / AGW Wire, 24 650’ / 22 980’ / 20 1570’ / 18 2360’ / 16

American Access Systems ADV-1000i

Control up to 2 devices • 1,000 four-digit access-code capacity • “3 strikes, you’re out” security • Personal master code • Latch code • Sleep code • Non-volatile memory • Variable relay time • Event input • Audible tones and LED feedback • Nightlight INTERCOM

Doorking 1800-080 Doorking Cellular Voice & Data Adapter

Telephone entry & access control - voice and data (programming) via the AT&T 4G LTE network For DKS 1800, Access Plus, and 1830 series telephone entry systems. Homeowner Associations can save money - less expensive than a typical business land line and no long distance charges!

Doorking 1802-090 EPD

Programmable directory codes (1-4 digits). 16-digit dialing Two special inputs can be programmed for relay activation or to dial out a preprogrammed phone number. 5-digit entry codes for special needs. LED lighting illuminates keypad. Built-in time clock. Hold open time zones. Entry code time zones. "Flash" entry codes. Built-in postal lock provision. 1802 includes programming display. 1802-EPD includes directory display.

Doorking 1804-058 Replacement Speaker

1812 Speaker Mylar 8 ohm 3.5"square

Doorking 1804-155 Replacement Keypad

Doorking replacement keypad

Doorking 1804-156 Replacement Keypad

Doorking replacement keypad w/ ribbon for 1810, 1812,1814, 1815 and 1817, 1835, 1834, 1837

Doorking 1804-290 Replacement Speaker

DoorKing Square Speaker - 5 Watt,1835

Doorking 1804-702 LED Retrofit Kit

Doorking LED Retrofit Kit for 1808,1814,1815,1817,1834,1835 Surface Mount

Doorking 1804-704 LED Light Kit

Doorking 1812 LED Light Kit